This is an explicit notice relaying to the user that this website is merely a memorial page for Rezz. There is currently NO active user interactions occurring at Rezz at this time. This is due to the re-implemented Acceptable Use Policy that can be further read here: “Due to a heightened number of infiltrations, both foreign and internal, The National Science Foundation is taking back absolute ownership over the internet. There will no longer be further opportunity for privatized ownership. The number of ISPs will dramatically decrease in number and must receive approval by the NSF prior to launching. The interests of each ISP will be solely allocated towards research, teaching, and education. Thus, the backbone server will be completely centralized and only accessible to public agencies and universities. Alternative backbone services will be deemed illicit. Additionally, all forms of instant messenger and virtual communication amongst users will be dismantled and prohibited. This includes MUD’s, social media platforms, and email until further notice. We understand this may be a hasty decision, but the security issues have turned dire.”

This policy has completely destroyed Rezz, and now all we have is a preserved archive of past users and posts. However, in order to remain positive and proactive, practice facilitating open spaces that parallel Rezz's foundations. Extend Rezz into the real world. Form coalitions, friend groups, clubs etc. Interrogate identity politics and carry yourself with a judgement-free mindset. <

Please feel free to look through our virtual regions by clicking the following link. Region #1