Entering Rezz City...be yourself!

Welcome to Rezz City, User Number 1! Please enjoy the conversations within Rezz! Our environment thrives under utter and complete tolerance. No one ought to be left out. Veer away from the use of identity markers to describe another player. Adjectives used to describe one another are based solely off of physical characteristics and social categories are predominantly dismissed. If there are any questions, please refer to our attendant.

Rezz’s geography is structured solely off of table formation. Each table is a new world / region comprised of different topics, norms, and social cues. They are pinpointed by numbers yet all adhere to one thing in unison: no binary attracting identity markers. Rezz prides itself as an atmosphere that resides in a queer theorist way of living, one that destabilizes identity politics and engages in neutrality. Instead, each user is encouraged to perform their identity as best they can through textual communication (i.e. I am performing as this today…”).

What topics would you like to talk about today?

Region #1