Rezz in the Real World!

From Virtual to Physical

Users have taken the initiative to apply Rezz to their everyday life. Universities around the country have formed community-based clubs where various tables are set up in courtyards to resemble the region set up within the online realm. One "Rezz in Real Life" group started at George Mason (located in Vienna, VA), which managed to integrate a speaker system into each table so to enable music playing and playlist sharing. Playlists were versatile so everyone could listen to whatever genre felt right that day. This exhibits Rezz as an activity based community.

In these spaces, you perform your identity as well. It has the same atmosphere of the digital realm, just inserted into the physical. Suede returned during these club meetings. While Suede would never be reunited with Gold again, they met other people who had similar conversation topics that looked to discuss destabilizing social hierarchies in the real world - a Rezzian foundation that Suede was ultimately looking to preserve. Even holographic professors joined in on the fun.

Rezz will always live on!

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Go Hoos!